How it works

We've built Streak 1.0 to be super simple - if you have any feedback, please contact us
Create/join a team
Get started by creating or joining a team. It takes 2 minutes to create a team and even less to join one. No payment information required!
Submit your tasks daily
Submit at least 1 task per day to build your streak. If you miss a day, your streak counter will reset to zero. Streaks do not break during weekends and you are able to set your status to 'away' during vacations.
Build your streak, stay productive
Keep building your streak to stay at the top of the leaderboard. You're able to see exactly what tasks your team have been submitting to help give you that extra motivational push.
Streak keeps your team motivated, productive and accountable
Our platform is lightweight, easy to use and designed to help increase productivity
Stay organised
Add tasks & view completed tasks
Keep yourself organised by adding tasks to help plan your day. Mark tasks as 'completed' for small wins and trigger a dopamine response. See all of your completed tasks on your dedicated 'task history' page.
Plan and organise your day
Complete tasks and build your streak
Small-wins for that sweet dopamine response!
Gamifying work
Build streaks, increase productivity
Submit at least one task per day to build your streak. Be more productive with small-wins. See how your team is doing and climb the productivity leaderboard.
Build your streak by submitting tasks
Climb the leaderboard
Turn work into a game
Collaborative productivity
Track your team's activity
Follow your team's progress and use their productivity to increase your own. We display all tasks submitted in an easy-to-follow stream, updated in real-time.
See what your team have been working on
Use the productivity of others to increase your own
Join Streak today
It's free to get started - try it out today
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